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Save Your Knees
- 28 Day Program

What you get:

  • Online workouts 

  • Lifestyle change

  • Support .... learn  more

Are you ready to move your body again?

Save your Knees is for those who have knees that click, creak, ache or generally cause you pain or discomfort when you try to exercise.

If your knees have been the cause of your inactivity, don’t let them stop you any longer!

The Save your Knees 28 Day Program, has been designed alongside a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, to ease you back into safe exercise, despite having bad knees.

You start off slowly, so that you build your tolerance and confidence to exercising again.

You will increase your whole body muscle strength, including your legs and have movement back into your day once more! 

Will this cure your bad knees? 

Maybe? Maybe not?

But you WILL be able to gain life to your years, by being able to do all those fun life activities that your bad knees have stopped you from doing until now!

The Workouts

What you get:

  • Week 1: 5 x 6 minute workouts

  • Week 2: 5 x 9 minute workouts

  • Week 3: 5 x 12 minute workouts

  • Week 4: 5 x 15 minute workouts

  • Each workout uses bodyweight only, no equipment needed and can be done at home, the office or backyard.

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The Lifestyle Change

What you get:

  • Week 1: 7 x 60 second videos about what you are drinking and upping your water intake

  • Week 2: 7 x 60 second videos about reading food labels and your sugar consumption

  • Week 3: 7 x 60 second videos about increasing more nourishing vegetables into your diet

  • Week 4: 7 x 60 second videos about your daily mindset health

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The Support

There are two ways to have your red hot burning questions answered:

  • Answer the program questions along your journey

  • Ask Fi Modderman any questions you've got on

    • Health​

    • Well-being

    • Diet

    • Fitness

Hands Up

Here's where you probably are right now...

The Workouts

Your knees hurt when you try to do regular exercise, but you know you need to stay active.

Your strength is decreasing each year and maybe your waistline seems to be increasing each year. 

You're almost at the point where you're ready to give up thinking about ever exercising again.

Imagine what your life would be like when you feel energised again?

When you feel strong again?

When you know you can workout at any time without your knees protesting?

And when you are able to do all those fun, exciting and social activities that you've been putting off because of your sore knees?

Well, that doesn't have to be a fantasy. It can be your reality. And here's how to make it happen...

Work through each day as it comes, doing the exercise and completing the daily lifestyle task. 

Each week the workouts get 3 minutes longer so that by the time you finish, you will have built your fitness level up, feel confident in your ability to workout again and are biting at the chomp for more!

Then it's time to head into the Save the Knees Membership where you can access dozens of 20-25 minute workouts. 

This is where the rubber meets the road and you can build regular exercise back into your lifestyle.

Get off the sidelines and watching your life go by and get back to playing the game!

Learn More...

When you sign up to the 28 Day Program for just $29.95 today, it's yours to keep forever.
Or join the Save the Knees Membership for $24.95 a month and get immediate access to:
- The 28 Day Program

- The Seated Program
- And the growing library of longer workouts!


Stay as a member for just $24.95 a month - the same price as a coffee a week, or you cancel at any time by emailing

**All programs  have been developed alongside a musculoskeletal physiotherapist**

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