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How 'bad' are your knees?

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

What exactly are bad knees?

Let's answer that question and get the ball rolling!

'Bad knees' for most people, are ones that cause knee pain.

This could mean knee pain from walking, bending, upon waking or during certain movements. They hurt when you try to run, or jump or do lunges. They don't enjoy you walking up lots of steps, or big steps.

They 'niggle' and annoy you, causing you to doubt your ability to be able to do certain activities.

Maybe it's due to an ancient injury. Or osteoarthritis. Wear and tear. Carrying too much excess bodyweight. Or you could have a specific and very new injury.

Whatever the case, your knees stop you from enjoying your life to it's fullest.

You second-guess yourself as to if you're physically up to some of the activities you are invited to do. You don't join in local exercise groups because you can't do half the workout without pain. And maybe daily life, getting around, standing up from sitting, putting your socks on can all cause discomfort too.

This can lead to feelings of negative self-worth. Weight gain due to not exercising. And an overall lower quality of life than what you deserve!

But you don't need to live this way forever. You may never have a 'cure' for your knees, but you can definitely increase your life quality through increasing your daily movement and exercise.

And you've landed in the right place to get started safely with that!

A great way to assess where your knees at right now, is by doing the KOOS questionnaire.

KOOS stands for Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score. It was developed by Ewa Roos and co-authors in the 1990s as an instrument to assess the patient's opinion about their knee and associated problems. The KOOS evaluates both short-term and long-term consequences of knee injury and also consequences of primary osteoarthritis (OA).

When we think of our 'bad knees' we often only consider the pain. The KOOS measures five separate areas though. Why I hear you ask? Because then people are able to assess both their short term and long term function and improvements of their knees. Which is why I want you to do this now!

The five areas that are given a score are: pain, symptoms, function in daily living, function in sport and recreation and knee-related quality of life. You will be given a percentage score for each area, as well as an overall score.

I recommend taking it after reading this post and saving your scores somewhere you can refer back to later on. The link I've given you allows you to download it as an excel file - so it's perfect! 😉

Now it's time to start living your life again to it's fullest, despite those bad knees of yours!

When we allow our knee pain to stop us from being active, we can inevitably end up making our knees worse.

How? Our thigh muscles start to break down. They lose strength and range of movement. And strength through the whole range of movement. Think deep squat is the full range, versus shallow squat is only part of the range.

Through doing safe, correct exercises, you can not only save your knees from hurting, but build up that lost strength! **Fist pump** Yeah!

The benefits of stronger thighs include:

* Increased quality of your muscle

* Increased quantity of your muscles - which equals a high metabolism and more fat burning. (And who doesn't want a bit of help in that department!?) * Increased ability to climb stairs and hills * Increased ability to walk, cycle or do anything active for longer periods of time.

Basically, a whole of of good things increasing!

Are you ready to get started? The Save Your Knees 28 Day Program has been designed as the perfect starting platform for everyone with bad knees or knee pain, who needs to get moving again.

We start you off with just six measly little minutes a day for 5 out of the 7 days in your first week. You will gain confidence in your ability to move safely and without pain. And you will see how easily you can fit a short workout into your busy life. Each subsequent week, you'll be adding an additional three minutes to your workouts. So by the 4th week, each workout is 15 minutes long.

By this point you'll easily manage the longer workouts and be feeling fabulous in your new-found ability to move again! Think chest puffed out with pride, comments from loved ones about your new 'glow' and a sneaking knowing from yourself that you got this!

Oh and I didn't even mention yet the other bonus you get when you join the 28 Day Program.... You get daily lifestyle tips that will have you drinking more water, checking your sugar intake and (if you're up for it of course!) getting stuck into better eating habits throughout your whole day! #Winning

When you see results - both physical and mental - that you perhaps hadn't thought of before, it will continue to inspire you to keep the movement up throughout your life.... So what are you waiting for?? >>Get started now on the 28 Day Program for people who have bad knees!

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