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4 Questions to Ask Yourself to Beat the Morning Overwhelm.

**Beeeep, beeeep, beeeep!!**

Whacking your hand in the vague direction of your phone, you hit the snooze button. You snuggle back under your covers.

Is it that time of day a-gain!?

Just five more minutes...

**Beeeep, beeeep, beeeep!!**

Your hand shoots out again, whacking the phone and sending it crashing to the floor. The bang startles the cat who had been trying to dominate the bed by wedging himself between your legs. He's sent him flying off the covers and madly skidding along the floor in an attempt to escape.

Leaning over the side of the bed, you search for you phone in the semi-darkness. Your hand swipes through piles of dust and fluff as you do so. Note to self; you REALLY should vacuum here more often!

Another reminder of corners you've been cutting lately...

The blue light hits your bleary eyes as you wake your phone up and check what the world is up to on Facebook and The Gram.

Someone had a great social night out with drinks and celebrations. Someone has their feet outstretched on white sand, framed by palm trees and cocktail in hand. Someone’s cute-as-eff kid lost their first tooth.

You're happy for all those happy people, living their happy lives. You tell yourself you need to get out more, do more, be more.

You tell yourself you will start tomorrow.

Tomorrow is good.

Time for a quick peek in the inbox.

And as you scan, a new email arrives and neatly adds itself to the list of 'unopened'.

The overwhelm begins to creep in and tighten your chest like a boa constrictor doing it's thang.

And with that thought, you realise there is still so much you need to do this morning! Aaand you better hurry the eff up because the clock is ticking! So much to do before you can get out the door – shower, coffee, kids, potential breakfast...

"There just isn't enough time in the day!"

This is the first time of many that your brain runs this thought through your head!

Does your day continue at this pace? This state of always in-a-rush? Trying to do the task at hand while your brain is already 3 steps ahead of you on the to-do-list?

Where is this leaving by 5 pm? 6 pm? 7 pm?

Are you stressed as you walk in the door after work and head for that quick pick-me-up food (or wine!)? Eeeeven though... you’d said to yourself you wouldn’t eat that stuff (or drink that wine) tonight - you do. It was there. It tastes amazing. And it feels like it washes the stress away like a new wave on the shore.

So what if you could take some steps to change the course of your day?

Minutes dedicated to you JUST YOU first thing in the morning? Time where you get to prioritise yourself. To do the things that put you on the path for a productive day. With a clear mind. With energy. Aaand... without that all that chest-tightening overwhelm?

*Take a deep breath!!*

Keep reading to see how to turn that around with a brand new way to start your day...

Your morning could flow like a gentle stream in a picturesque mountain. It only needs a little forward planning and a dose of action-taking.

Set yourself up with a wake-up routine that leaves you feeling energised and on top of your game. Instead of on the backfoot before you’ve even smelt those delicious first wafts of coffee beans!

What then should your morning routine look like?

Let's start by asking yourself the following four questions:

· What fills me up?

· What gives me energy?

· What makes me happy?

· What makes me feel most prepared to take on the day?

Maybe listening to a podcast fills you up, stretching for 15 minutes gives you energy, having a big cuddle with your pet makes you happy, and reviewing your daily, weekly and monthly goals make you feel most prepared to take on the day.

Or maybe working on a passion project fills you up, your favourite green smoothie gives you energy, having a clean and tidy bedroom makes you happy, and rocking out to an upbeat song makes you feel most prepared to take on the day.

Need help coming up with ideas?

Here are 26 habits to consider incorporating into your morning routine:

Take a walk
Message a loved one
Listen to an inspiring podcast
Read aloud your daily affirmations
Write out 3-5 things you’re grateful for
Stretch/do gentle yoga
Listen to good music
Drink a glass of water with lemon
Sit quietly with a cup of your favourite coffee or tea
Eat a nutritious breakfast
Diffuse an energising essential oil
Make your bed
Sit outside
Do a crossword puzzle
Read the paper
Tidy your living space
Snuggle your human or fur child
Write out your to-do list for the day
Ground your feet on the earth/grass outside
Set the timer and spend 30 minutes on a passion project
Take 3 minutes to do deep cleansing breaths

Answer the four questions.

Find your corresponding activities.

Now use this to create the foundation of your morning routine.

Commit to doing one of each, every single morning before you start your day. And do so before you open your phone! Your dreams, your success and your happiness and health deserve it!

How long is each action going to take you?

Add them up.

30 minutes?

Great! Now ensure you have your head on that pillow of yours 30 minutes earlier tonight.

Set yourself up for inevitable success!

To ensure you stick to your daily morning routine, write a reminder and post it somewhere you’ll see it often (pretty sure a post-it note over your phone screen at night will do the trick!).

Take your first action and commitment right now. You can do this by downloading my free Morning Routine printable here.

Let's make your morning routine a cherished daily habit.

Tap into your full potential for your physical AND mental health!

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