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8 Exercises That Will Turn A Walk, Into A Workout

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Do you feel like your knees hold you back from being able to do a proper workout?

That all the regular exercises you see, are aimed at people who have pain-free knees and can jump, run, lunge and squat?

So it's easy to see and feel like you're left with only being able to things like walking, swimming and cycling.

Theoretically, you know you could head to the gym and do weights with your upper body, but that just seems too much like hard work.

And it's completely understandable that you think and feel this way! All the exercise recommendations in the mainstream media, are for those with perfectly functioning bodies (and knees). So without the right guidance, we naturally do what we know to keep mobile and active - which is walking!

The scary thing is though, that unless we put our muscles through some form of resistance training, they will break down over time. At a rate of approximately 1% per year after the age of 30-35.

So by the time you're 60, if you've not consistently been doing resistance exercises (walking is not included in this), you will have lost 30% of your muscle mass!

Why is this a problem I hear you pondering?

Let me tell you some of the basic reasons why the more muscle you have, the better.

* It helps to reduce body fat

* Helps to keep bones dense and strong

* Increases energy levels

* Helps you to maintain correct posture

* Increases your metabolism and helps to maintain your weight

* Helps you to perform everyday tasks such as climbing stairs and lifting objects

* Reduces your risks of being injured

* Increases the strength of tendons and ligaments

It's not about having to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger! Not by any stretch. Although, if aiming for that keeps you motivated and training - by all means go for it!

Now if you're already regularly walking, let me show you an easy way to turn that walk into a resistance training workout as you go.

Below are 8 exercises that you can stop and do at intervals along your walk.

Using a park bench or similar is a perfect place to get these in!

Start with doing 8 repetitions of the exercise. If it feels like you could do a few more, then do 10 or even 12 repetitions.

Then keep walking until you're at another suitable place - and repeat that exercise!

If you can do the same exercise 2 or 3 times during your walk, you will be gaining the benefits.

The more of the exercises you can incorporate during your walk, the better 'workout' you will be getting. But if you only have time to do 1, 2 or 3 different exercises - then that is perfectly okay too! You will still be reaping the rewards of having worked those particular muscles.

Here are your exercises:

Tricep Dips:

Incline plank get ups:

Standing front leg circles:

Seated Leg Circles:

Incline press ups:

Leg extension:

Bicep press up:

Single leg pulse:

Take the time to watch the videos and bookmark this page so that you can easily find them again in the future.

Worried about people laughing at you or judging you?


It's not their business what you're doing.

And it's not your business to guess at what others are thinking.

Chances are that they wish there were as motivated as you!

From October the 21st, I will be showing you how you can do workouts at home, that are designed with YOU in mind...

Quick, effective workouts for people with bad knees!

No running.

No jumping.

No painful lunges and squats.

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See you there!

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