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  • Fi Modderman

3 Squat-free Ways to Strengthen Your Thighs

When squats leave your knees screaming, give these 3 squat-free thigh exercises a go instead!

It is easy to see why so many of us believe that we need to do squats in order to strengthen our thigh muscles.

Everywhere we look there are people pushing their booties out with weights on their shoulders, or in their hands - or just using their own body weight.

All in an effort to tighten and sculpt their leg muscles.

Because yes, they do work when done correctly.

But for many, it can feel disheartening to think you may never have strong legs. Just the idea of doing a squat has you shuddering at the thought of how much discomfort your knees are going to feel! The creaks, the pops, the grinding or the dull ache a squat would cause.

However... you don't HAVE to do squats to strengthen your thigh muscles! Trust me guys, there are other ways to get the results you are looking for.

I mean, we've all heard the proverb, "There is more than one way to skin a cat" - and it's true. (But please don't go skinning a cat to prove my point! I'm a fierce cat - not dog - lover here. What about you??).

By true, I mean that when you're armed with the knowledge, you can do some simple exercises from home that will tighten and tone.

Are you ready to give it a go?

Check out the video below.

"Now how do I put it into my daily life Fi?" I hear you asking...

Start with turning on the tv to your latest favourite series.

Then plonk yourself on the floor (even with your bum on a cushion is fine!) next to your couch.

And start by counting 8 repetitions on each leg.

Have a break for a minute whilst continuing to watch your episode, then do another 8 on each leg.

Break and repeat for one more round if you're up to it!

Now repeat this process for the other two exercises.

See how your legs feel the following day.

Rest that day and repeat them all again two or three days after you have first given it a go.

If you add this into your week 2 or 3 times, you'll be feeling in the benefits in no time.

Make sure you let me know in the comments what you think of them and how hard (or easy) you found it once you're finished.


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