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About Fi Modderman

I am a Fitness Trainer who knows first and secondhand, the pain of having bad knees.

I remember being 15, extremely fit from regular cross-country training and playing football.

That feeling of being young, free and invincible! 

But all that changed in an extremely painful instant, when a wrong move in a football game saw me in crutches for months and a year of building my fitness back - after I badly tore a ligament in my knee. 

Here was my first taste of having an important part of my body rudely ripped out from under me. 
How much of a challenge it made every small detail of my life.
From bending over to feed the cat. 
To carrying anything heavy. 
To simply walking without my leg giving out on me or swelling in pain!
But through this, with my then-limited knowledge, I did what I could and managed a few upper body workouts  - while my legs muscles deteriorated.


This experience also gave me a teeny tiny glimpse at a more painful life that I watched every single day, a life that also used to be extremely active  - my own Mothers life. 
For as long as I can remember, my Mother has had severe rheumatoid arthritis, which started when she was around 30. This nasty disease affects almost every joint and even now, organs, in her body. 

AfterI went off to University and gained my Physical Education degree majoring in Exercise Prescription, I fully appreciated how much worse Mum was going to be if she succumbed to the pain and stopped moving.


So I set about writing her personalized exercise programs that worked with her limitations. Ones that saw her doing resistance training to keep her strength and muscle mass up. 

To this day... despite the daily pain she lives with, my Mum has stayed as active as humanely possible! Her never-give-up attitude, mixed with the knowledge of how much worse she would be without exercising,  has even surprised her specialists who thought she would have been in a wheelchair 20+ years ago!

Fast-forward to today and I have spent the past decade helping to transform the lives of dozens and dozens of people ranging in ages from 30-75+. People who come to my bootcamp classes or as personal training clients. Those who have bad knees!


Unlike other Trainers,  when these people come to my classes, I understand their limitations and modify the 'traditional high-impact' workouts. This means that they too have been able to keep up their strength and fitness, so that they can also maintain a full active life with the ones they love!

But not everyone can be there in person and stand alongside me to exercise. 

Which brings me here. 
To the online home workouts for those with bad knees. 

Are you ready to take the first step for you?


Get your free mini-workout series here and start today!

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