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All it took was an injury...

This is the exact moment I sprained my ankle during a 20km trail run. A jump for the camera, led to severe cramp in my calf muscles that wouldn't 'let go'. 

Being unable to run, jump or do the exercises that I wanted to, made me realise firsthand what my husband -whom has bad knees -  had to live with on an ongoing basis.

That feeling of helplessness, but longing to move my body. 

Of not wanting to 'go backwards' with my fitness. 

Of craving the energy I get through working out. 
Of missing out on my mental 'me time' that exercising gives me. 

After 6 + years of training hundreds of people, many of whom had bad knees and couldn't do the 'regular' exercises, it was time to take action and help! 

With the knowledge of both my Bachelors degree in Physical Education majoring in Exercise Prescription and Management, and experience of modifying exercises for those with chronic bad knees, I have developed the ultimate plan to get you up and off the couch and ready to move again! 

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